Process Makes Perfect

Alignn Marketing offers an exceptional process from conception to execution that has yielded impressive gains for our clients. Our strategy is data-driven and rational. For our clients, we refine these concepts, informed by competitor research and best practices, and then utilize them, to help you ALIGNN with your customers needs and desired messaging.


The Industry Standard is Crap

Let us be very clear—we don’t believe in business-as-usual for the marketing industry at large. It is a broken network rife with order takers, ad spammers, and wannabes that don’t understand the services they sell.

We find this all the time! So many of our clients USED to work with other agencies. Until we showed them under the hood. What was really going on.

It’s important to set this expectation to explain that our process is not the industry (sub)standard—it’s a success-driving ENGINE.

1. Know Your Market

Many business owners ignore this step at their peril. ALIGNN helps you understand:

  1. Who your target audience is.
  2. What they love.
  3. What they HATE.
  4. How they speak.
  5. Where they hang out.
  6. Where they will listen to you.
  7. Where your competition is.
  8. What niche you can thrive in.
  9. What unique value proposition you can offer.

2. Know Thine Enemy

To more effectively ALIGNN with your future customers, we help you BREAK alignment with your competition. No racing to zero to see who can be “the cheapest!”

We help you break the mold by gathering intelligence on your competitor’s:

  1. Brand identity and color palette.
  2. Niche and market position.
  3. Blunders and weaknesses.
  4. Product or service specifications.
  5. Exact ad copy and offers. (Yes, we can do that!)

3. Know Your Biases

What’s your favorite color? Your favorite style of music? Where do you spend your time?

All of these are smokescreens that can obscure you from how to properly ALIGNN with your customers. Why? Because they aren’t you! We’ll hold you a meet-and-greet of sorts and introduce you to your biases—so we can slay them—and free you from your bonds and find the success that comes from listening to your target audience instead.


4. Know Yourself

You’re pretty awesome, you know that? You have distinct experience, industry knowledge, and personality traits that are going to take you places.

You also have vices. Gasp! Shortcomings. Blind spots that if left to their own devices could sabotage your success before it ever gets off the ground.

When you ALIGNN with our expert team of marketing professionals, we integrate seamlessly into your organization and fill in the gaps, extending your reach like you’ve never experienced before.


5. ALIGNN for Success

When construction workers build a brand new road, it’s a beautiful thing. The asphalt is shiny. The lines are crisp. And it takes you the distance in a smooth, intuitive way—until you hit a river. Your desired prospects are just over that river! You can see them! They want what you have to sell. They NEED you.

When you hire ALIGNN to reinforce your marketing strategy, you are building a bridge to your prospects—see what I did there?—a strong and multi-laned bridge with a variety of ways to cross (marketing channels and platforms) that help you ALIGNN WITH YOUR CUSTOMERS  FOR SUCCESS.™


Trust the Process

Our clients see massive increases, often in just a few months. Our battle-tested process is robust and ripe for you to take and implement into your own workflows. 

Your next step is to hop on the LIVE CHAT and say “hi”! Let’s begin.