Competitor Intelligence

What is Competitor Intelligence?

Strategic Competitive Intelligence (SCI) is the gathering and analysis of information about your competitors, identifying market trends, and making data-driven decisions. It provides additional context for consumer behavior, helping you to understand how customers interact with your competitor’s brands – providing valuable insight that can be applied to your own business.

Like a Spy in the Enemy Camp

Our SCI services:

  • Protect your brand from unchallenged libel
  • Warn you when competitors place ads against your brand keywords
  • Guide and inform all our services, from brand conception to marketshare acquisition
  • Provide essential insights into major competitor best practices and opportunities

Who Needs This?

Everyone needs this service! From smalltown startups to enterprise-level organizations—even non-profits need this!

Why? Because your reputation and strategic position is essential to keeping your doors open and serving your clients.