5 Things you need to know about Tik Tok for Non-profits

Tik Tok is FREE and easy to join

Thousands of businesses and non-profits are using TikTok Business Accounts, the public profiles that allow them to find their voice and build a cohesive marketing strategy on the platform. They offer performance metrics, audience insights and creative tools that empower businesses to think like marketers but act like creators.

It comes pre-loaded with over 500,000 songs and sound effects that are free to use. Because Tik Tok users love to DANCE!

Step 1 – Get on TikTok
Download the TikTok app from the Apple App Store or Google Play store. Once the app is installed on your phone, tap to open it. Tap “Me” in the bottom menu bar, then click “Sign Up” to register with your phone number, email address or a registered social media account.
Step 2 – Set up a free Business Account
Within the app, click “…” on the top right of the “Me” page, then click “Manage account” and select “Switch to Business Account.” Choose the category that best fits your business to receive customized content, events, and solutions.
Step 3 – Create and get discovered
You’re all set! You can start posting content using TikTok’s suite of creative tools, and share information about your products and services.

Tik Tok is FAST and instant gratification

According to INC, TikTok isn’t just for teenagers. In fact, the video-sharing app has become the fastest-growing social-media network of all time, which also means it has become one of the fastest-growing opportunities for advertisers. It currently has more than 30 million active users in the U.S. alone, and was the most download social-media app in the first quarter of this year. All of which means it’s something your business should pay attention to.

A large core of studies has already demonstrated that the use of mobile technology and social media is linked to the heightened preference for an instant reward, creating an impatient population having a hard time planning for the future. Instant gratification also increases risky behaviors. Taken together, impulsive and drastic decisions made on the count of impatience and lack of foreseen consequences are likely to result in risk-taking behaviors. As instant gratification has been intensified by the constant desire of satisfaction that social media offers, we are facing a major change in the way people think.

As marketers promoting non-profits, we have to approach this outreach ethically and with an understanding that the attention spans we are reaching are the shortest in the history of the world!

Tik Tok is where Gen Z hangs out

Over half of Gen Z-ers are now on TikTok, compared to 39% of Millennials. Growth among the younger generation has been faster as well, increasing 46 points between January 2019 and April 2021, compared to 36 points for Millennials in the same time span. However, growth among Gen Z appears to be slowing down, or plateauing slightly between February and April of this year. If Millennial growth continues, they could catch up to Gen Z this year. But right now, the app remains a distinctly Gen Z domain. 

Tik Tok offers robust (EXPENSIVE) advertising features

TikTok offers several ad format options on its platform for you to choose from:

  • In-Feed Video: Native ads placed at the bottom of organic TikTok videos or in the feed as part of the video queue, depending on the type of product. These ads also redirect to your website or app. On average, $20-150 per day should give you the reach you need for a small, lower competition market.
  • Brand Takeover: Will appear instantly when a user opens TikTok. The ad can then be redirected to an internal or external link—either another video on TikTok or an external website or app. Currently limited to one advertiser per day and costs $66,000.
  • Hashtag Challenge: Partner with TikTok’s marketing team to create a sponsored hashtag challenge that encourages users to share content on TikTok on your brand’s behalf. Challenges last around 6 days and cost $150,000.
  • Branded AR Content: Ad appears as branded lenses, stickers, and other 2D/3D/AR content as user content to add in their videos and cost $80,000–$120,000 based on the complexity of the lens design.
  • Custom Influencer Package: Ad appears as part of sponsored content created by a TikTok user with influence in your market, the cost of this ad varies upon the influencer, however, it is sources claim it may cost $600–$1,000 per post.

Okay, so that’s a lot of zeroes for smaller non-profits. If that’s you, let’s stick to In-Feed Video ads and work on your organic posting game! We’ll get there.

Tik Tok can boost your cause

From Women’s Health to animals and activism, non-profit brands are using Tik Tok to spread awareness of their respective causes and put a face to the need they serve.

Some take a light stance, while some go for the urgent and emotional. Use your brand’s voice as your guide. Express yourself!


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