ALIGNN with trust and confidence!

Alignn Marketing is now a proud member of the Fluvanna County Chamber of Commerce.

As a decade-long resident of Fluvanna County, CEO & Founder Michael Lovdal was glad when the Chamber of Commerce reached out. “It’s an honor to join with the many great local businesses that Fluvanna has to offer in support of our local economy,” says Lovdal, During this pandemic period, every business continues to be essential to the people it employs. The difference between thriving businesses and failing ones right now is often just a matter of communication. Do your customers know what you offer? Can they find it easily? Can they trust that your door will be open if your website says it is?

He says that joining the Chamber of Commerce is first and foremost about trust: “We have shown through our clients success that when you ALIGNN with your clients, with the right message at the right time and place, success will naturally follow. As highly rated members of both the BBB and now the Fluvanna County Chamber of Commerce, you can trust that we fight hard to grow your business and are investing in the success of our neighbors here in Fluvanna County, Virginia.”

Alignn Marketing’s Website is alignnmarketing.comi