Charlottesville, VA is home to many niche marketing agencies. Whether you just want to get your marketing mojo on with digital advertising and internet marketing services or need creative work like graphic design and website design, Charlottesville has a lot to offer. 

Whether you are working with the orange rotunda as a UVA employee or the ivy green of a non-profit group, you need the professional assistance of a data-driven agency that has a repeatable history of success in Central Virginia.

Enter Alignn Marketing

For over a decade, our CEO & Founder Michael Lovdal has been a proud Charlottesvillian. He’s escaped the escape room! He has shopped all the grocery stores on 29. (Seriously, there are SO many grocery stores on 29!) Most importantly, he has developed strong roots in this community and made it home.

Since that time, he has proudly worked for and contracted white label work for 6 local agencies and many more in Chicago, New York, London and others, working alongside some of the top names in the marketing world.

Need a reliable printer? We have a local partner for that. 

Need someone to fulfill a direct mail campaign? Check.

Need promotional items like T-Shirts and tote bags? Seriously, we know a gal. This is home base.

💬 Talk with a strategy pro now using the live chat on this screen! Alignn Marketing is Charlottesville-local and ready to rock!