Stop me if you’ve heard this one before! An immigrant comes to the United States to receive a strong university education, gets his degree with honors and then builds his own American Dream by founding a successful marketing agency and raising an amazing American family just a quick jaunt from the homes of Thomas Jefferson and James Monroe.

Based on a true story? You bet. This is the story of Michael Lovdal, CEO and founder of Alignn Marketing.

Since coming to the US over a decade ago and naturalizing as an American citizen, Michael has been proudly helping American businesses thrive through innovative marketing strategies and previously unheard-of methods that are leaving the competition lagging behind!

From coast to coast, ALIGNN serves clients nationwide, from East Coast staples like the Blue Ridge Mountains all the way to the sunny Shores of California.

With such a variety of happy clients, it’s no wonder our experience is such a huge advantage over small local agencies. 

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What’s your American Dream?