Through Strategic Consulting, we help you identify what digital advertising campaigns may be most effective to reach your goals.

These generally fall in the following categories:

    1. Search — SEM (Search Engine Marketing like Google Ads and Bing Ads), also called PPC (Pay Per Click advertising)
    2. Display — Website ads, ad networks, graphics
    3. Social — Boosted/promoted posts, videos, feed/timeline ads, messenger ads/ InMail (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok…)
    4. Email — Cold outreach, drip campaigns, customer journeys, retargeting
    5. Affiliate — Partnerships with other brands, cross-advertising, commission-based referral
    6. Influencer — Use of prominent third parties to advocate for your brand
    7. Ecommerce — Specialized graphic ads on Google Shopping or Amazon
    8. App — Ad networks, Waze map ads, Snapchat video ads
    9. Hybrid — digital ads with a physical, real-world presence like digital billboard networks, airport and elevator ad screens, digital mall ads


Many companies specialize in just one of these disciplines. This myopic view of marketing limits your choices and ability to reach your prospects, wherever they are best reached.

Conversely, ALIGNN has chosen to understand the full range of marketing disciplines to give you the best possible insight into your clients. What they want. What they need. What they love.

Traditional Digital Advertising vs. Effective Digital Advertising

For too long, Google ad buyers have masqueraded as “digital marketing companies,” when in fact they offer only a subset of a subset of what digital marketing is. Worse, they often lack the experience and skill needed to craft a message that ads value to clients and effectively represents your brand. Why?